Dangers of Surfing

Many people interested in surfing ask this crucial question,  »Is surfing dangerous? The answer is an emphatic yes. Indeed, surfing, like other sports has its dangers. We will look at these dangers in this section.
  • Surfboard
This surfing equipment can sometimes be dangerous to surfers. You need to know how to use a surfing board and master it to be on top of your surfing game. You can get unique surfboards for sale for all levels at reputable online stores.
  • Marine life
Some dangers in surfing are marine animals like sharks, electric fish, and wild rays. It is not uncommon for these sea species to attach surfers.
  • Drowning
Even for professional swimmers and surfers, the danger of drowning is real. You could experience huge waves, surfing board separation, or hold-downs. It is advised to always go surfing with a friend.
  • Waves
Strong waves have in recent times been a dangerous enemy to surfers. They look nice from ahead, but strong waves can overwhelm even an experienced surfer.
  • Local Citizens
While surfing away from your comfort zones night be a good thing for the experience. Locals might sometimes be aggressive and intimidating. They could cause accidents when you collide, be warned.
  • Riptide
These strong currents are regular hazards for surfers and swimmers. They can sap your strength especially when you surf at the sea.

Surfing and Its Different Types of Injuries

Numerous injuries could occur during a seemingly harmless surf. How dangerous is surfing is a good question only experienced surfers can answer. These injuries will be mentioned in this section.

  • Spine Injuries

These types of injuries are very common to surfers, especially when they fall in their lumber region. This can happen when they paddle on a surfing board.

  • Knee Injuries

Knee injuries occur to the surfer medial collateral ligament. This occurs from compression in when the waves tilt your position or when your legs shifts away from the board.

  • Ankle Injuries

These can be seen with surfers who are very daring and perform stunts at sea. High ankles or sprain on the foot have become very common injuries in surfers.

Tips to Prevent Injuries During Surfing

While surfing injuries cannot be entirely eliminated, some tips could mitigate the risk during this sport.

Fall flat

Whenever you are surfing across a shallow bottom, falling flat is a good skill, because it allows the water to reduce your fall. Always refrain diving head first.

Use a Nose Guard

Always apply a nose guard on your board in case your board faces sea mishaps, you won’t close your eyes. It is now obvious why Charlie don’t surf meaning is said during surfing.

Be Friendly With Natives

When surfing a new destination. Make sure, you have a good rapport with locals when diving in new waters. Aside from preventing aggression and bad blood, you will also get heads up about the dangers of the new spot.

Always Warm-up Before Surfing

Warming up and engaging in practice sessions will help you acclimatize with the waters. You will also avoid unnecessary injuries.


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